Best Massage by Maya Wang!

My service is a kind of “Endless Pleasure.” 

It is a pleasant discovery journey to allow you to know yourself completely.

Your body is with these sensations. Only you have not experienced it yet.

My magic goes through the therapy for you to fulfill the pleasure of life! 

About me, Maya Wang:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Mantra Therapy is an ancient comprehensive manhood therapy combined with prostate massage.

Various therapeutic therapy techniques are applied to ease clots in the blood vessels, fuel blood circulation for the Male Reproductive and Urinary Systems, and detox the two major human body exit systems to lift the metabolism process.

It helps build inner sexual energy and prolong male performance with the technique of Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) for Multiple Orgasms and up to Prostate Full-body Orgasm(s).

It also drains the fluids of the prostate to maintain its appropriate size for smooth urination flow.

It develops a spiritual union between the body and mind to a new well-being.

Mantra Therapy = Manhood Massage (JuaGen) + Prostate Massage (facing up position) 

The add-on is to massage the prostate for your face-down position to warm up the site first.

I’m Maya Wang. I made Manhood and Prostate Massage to my unique particular style, named it “Mantra Therapy,” and will serve you with decades of experience! Mantra Therapy is a trademark brand and is copyrighted.

Some medical conditions may make prostate massage unsuitable or unsafe. These include:

  • Prostate cancer or suspicion of prostate cancer and another kind of cancer.
  • Acute prostatitis or epididymitis, BPH.
  • Hemorrhoids or anal fissures.
  • Rectal or anal infections.
  • Recent rectal or prostate surgery or other recent surgery and injuries.
  • Private part infections/diseases, skin conditions, allergies, or sensitivity to a particular substance.
  • Have a history of trauma, abuse, or certain psychological conditions, such as anxiety or PTSD.
  • Drug and alcohol users.

You must get a permission letter from your doctor or healthcare professional before the appointment. Please screenshot the letter and show it to me when making the appointment. 

1. Ease this kind of mind: “It will be painful.”

There are so many amazing, unique sayings during the treatment on the website. Do they sound in any pain? So, plus, this point is the reason why you want this kind of service from me. My rich experience made me treat each part right as needed to let you feel the therapeutic meets its sensations!

These sensations are within a male’s body, but you have not yet experienced them. It’s the time now!  

With the best in mind: “I will give a shot to see what I’m up to during Mantra Therapy!”

Expect a simple relaxation break and get new feelings from your untouched zones! So, it’s better not to figure out what these feel like, as you have never been touched in my way in these areas. It is out of your imagination, so rest your thinking for an authentic experience. The whole Mantra Therapy treatment is my specialist, and the feelings (sensations) are not like what you have the usual ways.

If you have had “Real Prostate Massage or/and JuaGen” previously somewhere, or you have already played by yourself or with your partner or had the session with me before, I will surprise you to a new level! So, prepare your guts to accept when the whole FEELINGS come! A gentleman had five sessions with me, and in the fifth, he said, “There are waves from each cell of my body. It feels the ever best.”

And, for all, you will be in GOOD HANDS! Let me make a completely different one on another level, whether you are like a plain Canva or with some simple sketches, by completing yourself with the Mantra Therapy to get the whole new you to finish the Canva. Remember, my previous customers praised me as an Artist!

2. To avoid unpleasant body odor, SOAP thoroughly rinses the INSIDE of the foreskin, scrab with soap on the root of pubic hairs, groin areas, anus, and armpits. A shower facility is available. You may partially wash up or have a full-body shower before your session.

Remember, exercising personal hygiene for the private part is not only for the session!

3. A shaved manhood always gets a better sensation. If you don’t prefer to shave it, you may trim your pubic hair shorter. It’s not a must, just my suggestion.

Grooming your private part is essential as you care for your mustache.

4. No meal one hour before the session. However, an empty tummy makes the body feel shaky, cold, dizzy, and prone to stomach aches and loss of focus, which may reduce the treatment’s achievements. So, arrange the meals well to achieve the highest level. You know an 80% filled-up tummy is better than an empty one.

5. No alcohol on the day before your session.

6. No drug addicts.

7. Don’t make the booking time after an event when you are unsure when it will end, like after your doctor’s appointment or flight arrival time.

8. Don’t ask more questions, please. Don’t stay on this questioning stage, as this kind of service is unlike a “1+1=?” question. It needs a touch of reality to be understood fully. I have answered more than enough questions on this site to explain it and let you decide. It’s a grown man’s decision and not a pocket-broken cost. I will answer your questions in the session. I understand you have. Let me see you in the session to help.

9. The 30-minute session is not recommended for the first time, as there are many new feelings, especially from the prostate touch, which means you need time to feel, digest, accept, be comfortable, and then enjoy and explore. The goal for the first time is to get the whole picture and get a better first impression of the prostate part. The 30-minute session for repeat sessions is like getting a maintenance service afterward. If you are not ready for the prostate exploration, then take the 30 minutes for the JuaGen if you are on a budget.
So, for first-time newbies, you may not take the 30-minute session. The rest is fine. And please don’t raise this question again to ask me: What is the recommendation for the first time?

I’m sorry, but I can’t provide my location details through this medium as I don’t provide walk-in service. I take bookings via the Booking Form; there are no walk-ins for the session, so it’s strictly for booking. And I also don’t provide out-call.

Once you submit the Booking Form, I will email you my details in person. It’s a big content email. Please read through this email and contact me as you prefer.

Please use the Booking Form to set an appointment for your first time.

You can also use the “WhatsApp Quick Booking” button to make a fast appointment for that day. It sometimes appears only on the bottom of the site! It’s appearing in auto.

To do the quick setup, please read through all the details to avoid asking questions like price, operation hours, location, female/male therapist, etc. I will skip this kind of chat in WhatsApp!

The purpose of the “WhatsApp Quick Booking” Button is to set up our appointment time slot. I can’t give answers, especially if some answers have already been mentioned. So, prepare with your time and duration in mind first to use The Button to get my best response.

Once you firmly decide to have the session. Please come up in WhatsApp like this: “2pm today, 60mins, Jimmy, 32, local Chinese, no skin issue/illness”. 

Please bear with me if you have not heard from me in the time you wish. Once I’m free, I will reply as quickly as possible.

I will skip some chats for addressed questions, as there is no point in repeating them. And please read this site with trust! If you have not decided to try it, please don’t send it to me. Once you are ready, you are welcome 🙏🏼.

Peak times tend to change, so that is difficult to answer. It is best to make a booking to check. Please come up with your preferred time and duration.

First, you will receive an auto-respond email after sending the Booking Form (when you fill in your email address without any typo).

Make sure my emails go to your inbox. Please add [email protected] to your contact address book.

I will reply to you by email in person in about two hours, but I will reply to you ASAP from 8 am to 9 pm.

You may email me at any time for a booking. I will follow your lead and reply to you.

It is always best to give me as much advance time as possible.

Some emails may not receive a reply if I determine that they are not legitimate requests, and I have already addressed them here.

Some emails got lost in the space. So, if you have not received my reply in person in due time, please send me a reminder email to [email protected] (after you have sent the Booking Form).

If you have other questions, you might take a longer time, up to 48 hours, to receive my reply.

Sorry, I am not able to do that. My operation hours are daily from 11 am to 7.30 pm by advance booking. I don’t provide my service outside of my operation hours, and there is no response to the request :)

About the last 7.30 pm booking slot, you may book the session at 7.30 pm for any duration you prefer.

Yes, you can, but it depends on my availability. And you may cancel your appointment at any point, but give me a notice as early as possible :)
No, never! I treat that information as strictly confidential and will keep it that way. I respect people from any aspect.

Your privacy is my top priority and very important.
All your contact information is strictly confidential and never leaked to another party.
Also, you will not receive any trace business calls, SMS, or email from me.

I have never called, texted, or emailed anyone to promote my business during my entire practice. I did not make all my appointments initially by pushing or promoting. So you do not need to worry about it, as I never and ever push anyone to attend the session.

Sorry, no. I don’t offer an out-call service. Please don’t make the request.

There is no harm at all. Please also check this question: “How do I prepare before my session, and what do I expect?

The techniques have a certain amount of applied pressure to improve blood circulation, similar to any regular body massage. It will clear out blood vessels so blood can flow smoothly and better to the penis and the whole region of manhood. It also helps make your erection thicker, harder, and more sensations! You will comfortably receive my pressures. When I massage you, my hands talk to your body, feeling you while using different strains on each part of your body.

Massage is an alternative medicine widely used for meditation. It improves blood circulation, detoxes, and relaxes.

And please get rid of this saying: “A real/professional/authentic massage therapy treatment that involves painful, if not painful, it’s not real.”

Overpressure on any body part could hurt the tissues and blood vessels; the damage is the same as falling on the ground or getting hit with a colorful bruise in the next few days. When pressure is applied to these tensions, it feels like it is in sore and paint; this means the blood is blocked in the area. Check the photo below to see how clots block normal blood flow.

JuaGen benefit, juagen massage for male libido, shouldn't get hurt from JuaGen

To ease these clots, apply the pressure gently first, then more and more, according to the blocked area response, to adjust the pressure; it won’t feel unpleasant or leave bruises later. Make the blockages go away layer by layer… doing so never damages the tissues and blood vessels, and it feels comfortable and relaxing. That is my way, the Mantra Therapy!

No paint, no gain. Yes, it is. However, the paint is needed to make it just right—that’s what I knew would make you feel right. Again, you feel the therapeutic meets its sensations! 

A sudden hard overpressure on the blockage area, especially without any warm-up, makes it hurt, painful, and even more damaged! Blockages are not built in one day. We need time to make them go away entirely, by days more than they were built!

I understand your issues and can help you with the Mantra Therapy session and my book Mantra Gym.

Mantra Therapy helps many people in cases like yours. But I can’t determine your particular case without seeing you first. There are too many factors to consider because everyone is different.

I have helped many guys with such issues, and I do my best for each session with my unique skills and valuable opinions about you!

I guarantee my professional service that leads to achieving full-body orgasm(s) with the best therapy skills to see what you are up to and the therapeutic benefits. You may treat it as a relaxation session. Just try it to see what happens to you. This way, when good things happen to you, it’s a bonus. Miracles can happen after the first session or in follow-up sessions!

The screenshot below is from my email. This customer wrote to me on Jun 27 about how he found he lost belly fat after my day of therapy:
“Hi Maya, Thank you. I find that I have also a flatter stomach because I discharge a lot of trapped gas/air inside and after the prostate massage, a lot of gas discharged last night. I can wear my old smaller pants!”

When I was performing my therapy on him, I had no idea the result; this was the second person who told me about weight loss benefits in the week. There are a lot of other sexual benefits that I have made every day to help you guys!

I understand you are perhaps not looking for weight loss treatment here, but this is just an example of the various benefits of Mantra Therapy. I certainly can help you with my rare skills and rich experience.

So, there is no point in asking me about “How many sessions can I improve?” as it’s inaccurate without seeing you knowing your conditions in person. Even a doctor!

Some other service providers may promise what you ask. However, I have heard much from my customers over the years about their experience with other fake JuaGen and Prostate Care services. These services claim they can do everything, but my customers got a simple hand job. And about the Prostate Massage Care service, my customer’s prostate has never been massaged and paid a very high price over mine. One of them had five times Prostate Massages, but his prostate never got touched! See the picture below. The prostate sits under the bladder, and it’s an inside organ. We can not touch or feel it from the outside- No Way!

Where is prostate, how to massage prostate

The authentic Prostate Massage requires penetration via a male’s anus to reach the prostate. However, as the prostate is located inside the male’s rectum, it’s just next to the bladder. Therefore, there is no way to touch the prostate from the outside!

So, I cannot promise that when you will see some improvements as everyone is too different. There are so many guys seeing their improvements in their first sessions. I need to see you too. Still, I can say my words: I, Maya Wang, offer REAL Mantra Therapy, including Manhood Therapy (Juagen) and Prostate Massage treatment described HERE.

Through my session, you will learn and understand what real therapy is for your private part, the outside and inside; therefore, no one could fool you with a fake service. My testimonials are everywhere on the web pages. The sayings were in their sessions or after. You may achieve one or more of them!

Well, let me see you first. Let me get my magic hands on you first! I will also give you valuable and unique advice I have gained every day over decades. Nobody will tell you like I do, even your doctor, because your doctor has not seen “your Premature Ejaculation,” but I see :)

Besides, gentlemen are up to Achieve Multiple Orgasms and Prostate Full-body Orgasm(s) in Mantra Therapy sessions: “Manhood Massage (Juagen) & Prostate Massage.” For decades, I have helped so many gentlemen with their sexual issues:
  1.  Premature Ejaculation
  2.  Erectile Dysfunction
  3.  Lost stamina
  4.  Shrank penis
  5. Urinate issue
  6. Infertility
  7. Lost sexual confidence
  8. Lack of sexual acknowledge
  9. Overweight
  10. Delayed ejaculation
  11. Detoxing
  12.  and more

During my practice, I have seen many men suffering from such issues. I can help, so I wrote my book Mantra Gym to help more people.

In Mantra Gym, the demonstration of how to control ejaculation methods is practical, easy to learn, and useful. The most important is that I analyzed “WHY YOU COME FAST.” Once you know “Why” and know my delaying ejaculation methods, significantly my Mantra Delaying Cords method, you will know yourself well and be smart enough to have some strategies to hold your ejaculation longer. On top of that, no one in the world has claimed we have more than one G-spot. The locations of 5 G-spots in a woman and 4 in a man are well indicated in Mantra Gym!


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I understand your situation.

Delayed ejaculation mostly happens among aged males. Unfortunately, these days, I see the age trend for younger males. I have had one 22-year-old customer with this issue.

If a man takes longer than 30 minutes of penetrative sex to ejaculate, despite a normal erection, it is considered delayed ejaculation. The causes can be physical and/or psychological.

I have some valuable tips for delayed ejaculation in my book Mantra Gym.

You may have a Mantra Therapy session so I can see and advise you. And pick a duration that suits you, as there is no extent for this circumstance.

Please note me at this point before our session starts.

The therapy sessions help you in this way.

Typically, the blood clots eased during the therapy, making the circulation smoother and richer. So increased blood flow to the manhood area (the penis) results in increased size to its maximum state; this is still the actual size that you should get as it is. However, blockages are causing the size to be less than it should be; this is one of the reasons.

To continue the therapy effects, you are the best trainer for your magic wand, like doing a gym workout with my coach via Mantra Gym.

You must learn the techniques from Mantra Gym to make it more extraordinary by constantly exercising! Do the gym workout for the part that will help the size continually grow, at least not shirk that quickly as you age!

During my therapy sessions, sometimes, I heard the saying: It is not in such a big for a long time.

The ugly truth is there is no way to increase the physical size of an adult male because there are no such flesh materials – like the outer skin, urethra, spongiosis tissues, blood vessels, etc. – together to add them up for longer, bigger! So guys, be wise, be logical, be science!

I did a bit of search, several methods are commonly advertised as ways to increase the size of the penis, but it is important to note that there is no guaranteed way to do so. Some methods that are often advertised include:

  • Penis enlargement surgery: This surgical procedure involves cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pelvic bone, which can make the penis appear longer. However, this method can come with risks and side effects and may not always result in a significant increase in size.
  • Penis extenders: These devices are worn on the penis for several hours a day and use traction to stretch the tissue and potentially increase the length of the penis over time. However, the results may be minimal, and there is a risk of injury or discomfort.
  • Penis pumps: These devices use suction to draw blood into the penis and potentially increase its size temporarily. However, this effect is temporary, and using pumps can have risks and side effects.

It is essential to note that many of these methods have not been proven effective, and some can even be dangerous.

If you want a more reasonable natural solution, please purchase my ebook Mantra Gym. The techniques demonstrated in the ebook will help you when you exercise your manhood regularly to center more blood on the manhood region. You may also book a mantra therapy session. I will do it for you!

If you think you have a small penis, your partner cannot achieve a vagina orgasm with your stroking; this is one more reason to get Mantra Gym to lift your other sex skills. The sex tips in the book will educate you about making your partner achieve orgasm(s) in other ways.


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First, I will keep going. The session has not ended.

Second, the good is I have ways to delay ejaculation. If it’s happening in an accident, I still have a way to make another one. It might be a dry orgasm or a wet orgasm. So you do not need to worry about it.

Some of my customers did ejaculate multiple times by this kind of “accident.” They are delighted to discover these abilities. They had no idea they could do various ejaculations in their whole life, especially in a brief period. I made them proud!

If you are the one who always ejaculates multiple times in a short time, I can make you two ejaculations or even more. But you do not need to send me a question about it. You make the booking first. When your session starts, I will SEE you and discuss it!

Sorry, I am not able to do that. I’m not a doctor or surgeon.

Your foreskin is not like an ailment. A therapy treatment doesn’t cover treating the foreskin, but I have tips for the circumstances. On the contrary, the foreskin can cause problems with hygiene and other factors-capped the penis size covered in my book Mantra Gym.

If you are experiencing a problem with your foreskin, you must consult a physician for a diagnosis. You will also need to seek a doctor if you decide circumcision surgery is necessary. In some cases, circumcision is unnecessary, and I have tips for it!

Suppose a male has a bent penis and wants to make it straight. You may not need to do anything if it’s not hurting during penetration. But, sorry, I can’t make it straight through the treatment (one-time treatment). Nobody could do it only by one-time therapy treatment since it has been like that for a long time. It would be best to see a doctor for an injection or surgery.

And ask yourself if it is necessary to let your penis under a knife? Why don’t you learn something from Mantra Gym? Do it yourself naturally by the exercise, as demonstrated in the ebook! Or to use devices to help straighten the penis, it will time for sure. Or wear a loosened underwear.

BUY MANTRA GYM NOW to learn how to care for your foreskin:

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I don’t offer other services like couples or yoni massages, but maybe in the future!

Other services are @ $95 a per half-hour rate for each item:

  1. The entire course for Head Massage
  2. Chinese Cupping
  3. Slimming bloating/fat tummy, etc

I am a woman, a natural-born female.

I respect other people’s choices to change their sex, but I have not changed mine!

Sorry, I can’t do that.

Please understand that I don’t share my photo for my security. Should you change your mind when we meet, that is OK, and you are under no obligation. There is no pressure at all. I don’t push for business.

To perform this kind of therapy session, there are a lot of complicated therapeutic skills and techniques for the desired results; it’s not something an inexperienced therapist could achieve. And this is not an adult service. What you will get from Mantra Therapy cannot be from others, as Mantra Therapy is my creation from my decades of experience. I bet you have already realized something different when you read this website. You’d better pick a great therapist with rich experience to get services that involve touching your inside.

Sorry, I’m not able to do that and do not allow any viewer to present during your session.

I will do Mantra Therapy on you.

Please read through the pages to get complete details about my services and avoid asking such a question since I have already published the details HERE. It’s enough for a newbie and the best description of my services.

I will fail to answer some questions like this: “Any more details for my first time?”, “How much is your session?”, “How old are you?”, “Can you fix my ED/PE?”, “When can I see the improvement?”

I will help you with my rich experience from many aspects, but it must be in your session. I don’t predicate for any individual, but there were so many sayings from my precious sessions, which are the indications.

Please fill out the Booking Form for an appointment for your very first session. Or you can use “WhatsApp Quick Booking” to set up a slot for the day. Beware, this “WhatsApp Quick Booking” Button is time-sensitive from 7 AM to 7 PM. For your repeat session, please use this Button or email me at [email protected]

Get Mantra Gym Right Now,
Or Fill out The Booking Form Below For The Full-Body Orgasm!

Your privacy is my top priority and very important.
All your inputs are strictly confidential and solely for booking purposes.
You will not receive any follow-up or trace of the business call, SMS, or email from me.
Read the Terms and Privacy Policy to know how your data is protected. 

    Let me get the first touch on you!

    By knowing you from your little input below, I feel you are familiar with someone who I have served before and feel close to you!

    For people who carry any covid or flu symptoms, please make a booking after the recovery.

    Mantra Therapy Booking Form:

    I Appreciate filling all fields as the sample to get the best reply! There is no response for non-genuine input, and the booking form will be discarded.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required). If your input is with a typo, you will not receive an auto-responding email in the first place, and so on. Sample mistakes: @gmial.con

    Mobile (required). I respect your privacy and never spam you. You are safe with me! Kindly do the same to me once you get mine!

    Age (required). You must be 21 years old or older. Please don't book if you haven't passed your 21-year-old birthday. There is no exception.

    Country/ethnicity/type of identity (required). I'm an open-minded, free-spirit therapist regardless of race, color, and spending level. Examples: Sg/Chinese; Malaysia/Chinese/PR; India/EP; US/Caucasian/EP; UK/visitor pass

    Prefer booking date (required). Operation daily includes weekends and public holidays. The input format is 31/Dec/2024

    The time (required). The operation hours are daily from 11 am to 7.30 pm last booking slot. There is no overtime provided. Example 1: 2.30 pm; Example 2: any time from 11 am to 3 pm.

    The duration (required). Kindly comply once you select it; there is no amendment upon the payment!

    The add-on (required). Additionally, the buttocks' initial stimulation inside-out will apply when you face down during the Swedish/Sensual Body Massage on your back. It gives extra sensation to the butt crack and prostate for the final climax; it lets you feel the first touch of your prostate! Adding it, you will have a 2-times prostate massage from 2 positions. The primary is one position-when you face up after the Manhood Therapy (JuaGen).

    Do you prefer plain massage oil (no smell) or Lemongrass scented massage oil?

    In the past, have you ever had a session with me before? (required)

    Have you had surgery within the last six-month? (required)

    Do you have any skin issues or diseases? (required) I MIND any kind of skin condition: contiguous and not contiguous. If you have any, please don't make the booking! There will be no refund if this is why I cannot perform the therapy on you!

    For travelers who are coming to Singapore soon. May I know your landing time and date? (required).
    If not, please input a NO.

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    Your Message:

    If you have questions, check "Maya & FAQs" on the menu above. I wrote a lot there. Because I don't have much time for one-on-one questions. Please keep your questions in your session. A quick note about yourself is okay!

    Please hit once on the Send button below; patiently wait for your sending status! Please don't hit more; it will delay the first hit's sending status showing!


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