A Little About Me:


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Make sure you have sufficient time and try to get into a relaxed frame of mind. It is better just expect  a simple relaxation break and to get some new feelings.

2. To avoid unpleasant body odor, SOAP then rinse thoroughly the INSIDE of the foreskin, pubic hairs, groin area, anus and armpits. A shower facility is available. You may have partially wash up or full body shower before your session.
Be on mind, exercising personal hygienic is not only for your session!

3. A shaved manhood always gets better sensation. If you don’t prefer to shave it, you may trim your pubic hair shorter. It’s not a must, just my suggestion.
For grooming your private part, it’s important as you care for your mustache.

4. No meals at lease one hour before of your session.

5. No alcohol at the day before your session.

6. No drug addicts.

Sorry, I am not able to provide my location details through this medium. All of my sessions are made by advance booking, there is no walk in session accepted.

Once you submit the Booking Form, I will email you my location with all my service details in person, so it’s a large content email. Please read through this email to start contact with me as your prefer.

Please do use the Booking Form to set an appointment at your very first time.

For the follow up sessions, you may freely to contact me as you prefer by text message, email, What’s App…

Kindly use my contact for booking purpose only.

Peak times tend to change so that is difficult to answer. It is best to just make a booking to check.

Please kindly bear with me, if you have not heard from me in the time as you wish, it’s because I’m probably in my session, can’t use my phone. But once I’m free, I will reply you ASAP :)

Basically, it’s just the time different. (Your shower time is included in the session)

Mantra Therapy = Manhood Massage (Juagen) + Prostate Massage
  1. For 60 minutes session, I will provide about 20 minutes for the Swedish Massage combine with Mantra Therapy on your back.
    The rest of the time for Mantra Therapy on your front.
    Be on mind, I start Mantra Therapy on your back first. So there is no clear line between them. The ALL are for you to achieve Full-body-orgasm(s) in the end.
  2. For the 90 minutes, it’s about 35-40 minutes on your back.
  3. For the 30 minutes, I only provide Mantra Therapy for the back and front of your private part.
    I do not recommend it for the first time customer.
    It’s best for the repeat session to get maintenance regularly for your manhood.
    There is only partially body wash available.
  4. You may inform me your preference about it to make a customized session :)

First, You will receive an auto-respond email after you send the Booking Form (if you fill your email address without any typo).

Make sure my emails go to your inbox. Please add [email protected] to your contact address book.

I will reply you by email in person in about two hours, but I will reply you ASAP from 9am to 10pm.

You may email me at any time for a booking. I will follow your lead and reply to your message.

It is always best to give me as much advance time as possible.

Some emails may not receive a reply if I determine that they are not legitimate request.

Some emails got lost, they are not delivered to me. If you have not received my reply in person in due time, please just shoot me a reminder email to [email protected] (after you have sent the Booking Form).

If you have some other questions, you might take longer time, up to 48 hours to receive my reply.

Sorry, I am not able to do that. My working hours are from 11am to 7.30pm daily. I don’t provide my service out of my operation hours and there is no respond for the request :)

About the last 7.30pm booking slot, you may book the session at 7.30pm for any duration as you prefer.

Yes, you can, but it depends my availability. And you may cancel your appointment at any point, but just give me a notice :)
No, never! I treat that information as strictly confidential and I will keep it that way. I respect people from any aspects.

Your privacy is my top priority and very important.
All your contact information are strictly confidential and never leaked to another party.
Also, you will not receive any kind of trace business call, SMS or email from me.

I can say, during my entire practice, I have never called, texted, emailed… to anyone for promoting my business. All my appointments were made INITIALLY from my customers. So you no need worry about it at all.

Sorry, no. I don’t offer out-call service.

There is no harm at all.

The techniques have the certain amount of applied pressure as any normal body massage for improve the blood circulation. It will clear out blood vessels so blood can flow smoothly and better to the penis and the whole region of manhood. It also help make your erection thicker, harder and more sensations! You will comfortably receive my pressures. When I massage you, my hands are talking to your body, feeling you while to use differ pressures to each part of your body.

And, massage as an alternative medicine is widely used for meditation. It improves blood circulation, detoxing and is good for your mind, body and relaxation.

I understand your issues and I can help you by Mantra Therapy session and my book Mantra Gym.

Mantra Therapy helps many kinds of people in cases like yours. But I can’t make a determination about your particular case without seeing you first. There are too many factors to consider because everyone is different.

I have helped so many guys about such issues, I do my best for each session with my unique skills and valuable opinions about you!

I guarantee my professional service to make you achieve Full-body-orgasm(s). You may treat it as a relaxation session, just try it to see what happens on you.
This way, when good things happen on you, it’s a bonus. Miracles can happen after the first session or in follow up sessions…!

Below the screenshot is recently from my email. This customer wrote to me on Jun 27, 2018 about he found he lost belly fat after my the day therapy:
“Hi Maya, Thank you. I find that I have also a flatter stomach because I discharge a lot of trapped gas/air inside and after the prostate massage, a lot of gas discharge last night. I can wear my old smaller pants!”

When I was preforming my therapy on him, honestly I had no idea for the result. This is the second person who told me about weight lose benefit in the week. There are a lot other sexuality benefits that I have made everyday to help you guys!

I understand you are not looking for weight lost treatment here, but this just an example showing the variety benefits of Mantra Therapy, and I certainly can help you with my rare skills and rich experience.

So, there is no point to ask me about “How many sessions can I get improvement?”. As I’m not able to tell you without even seeing you. Nobody does!

Some other service provider maybe promise what you ask for. You know, through so many years, I have heard a lot from my customers about their experience from other fake Juagen and Prostate Care services. These services claim they can doe everything, but at the end my customers just got a simple hand job. And about the Prostate Massage service, my customer’s prostate never been massaged with paid very high price over mine.

The authentic Prostate Massage requires penetration via a male’s anus to reach the prostate. As the location of prostate is inside of male’s tummy, it’s just next to the bladder. There is no way to massage prostate from the outside!

So, I’m not able to promise you about when you may see some improvements, but I can give you my words: I, Maya Wang offer REAL Mantra Therapy includes Manhood Therapy (Juagen) and Prostate Massage treatment described HERE.

You just need a trying to learn and understand what’s the real therapy for your private part from inside out. Therefore, no one could fool you with a fake service. My testimonials are everywhere on this webpages, you may achieve one or more of them!

Well, let me see you first, let me get my magic hands on you first! I will also give you my useful and unique advises that I have gained everyday across over 15 years. Nobody will tell you like I do, even your doctor, because your doctor has not seen “your Premature Ejaculation”, but I see :)

Beside gentlemen are up to achieve Multiple-orgasm(s) and Full-body-orgasm(s) in my Manhood Massage (Juagen) & Prostate Massage sessions, since 2006 until now I have helped so many gentlemen about their sexual issues:
  1.  Erection Dysfunction
  2.  Premature Ejaculation
  3.  Lost stamina
  4.  Shrank penis
  5. Urinate issue
  6. Infertility
  7. Lost sexual confidence
  8. Lack of sexual acknowledge
  9. Over weight
  10.  and more …

During my practice, I have seen so many men suffering with such issues everyday. I’m able to help, so that’s why I wrote my book Mantra Gym for helping more people.

In Mantra Gym, the demonstration how to control ejaculation methods are so useful, easy to learn and so piratical. The most important is that I analyzed “WHY YOU COME FAST”. Once you know your “Why” and plus the knowledge of my delaying ejaculation methods, specially my Mantra Delaying Cords method, you will know yourself well and be smart enough to have some strategies to hold your ejaculation longer… More on the top, there is no one in the world that has claimed we have G-spots more than one. The locations of 5 G-spots in woman and 4 in man are well indicated in Mantra Gym…


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The therapy sessions might help you in this way…

Normally, during the massage, the blood circulation is smooth and an increased blood flow to the manhood area (the penis) results in increased size as the penis is engorged to its maximum state. This is still your actual size. At the end of the session, the penis returns to its normal state.

If you are interested in a more permanent solution, please purchase my book Mantra Gym. The techniques demonstrated in the book will help you when you exercise your manhood regularly.

If you think you have small size penis, your partner is not able to achieve vagina orgasm by your stockings…  please purchase Mantra Gym to lift up your sex skill. The sex tips in the book will educate you for making your partner achieves orgasm(s) by other ways…


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I have my way to stop ejaculation. If it’s happening in accident, I still have the way to make another one. It might be a Dry-orgasm or Wet-orgasm… So you no need to worry about it.

Some of my customers did ejaculate multiple times by this kind of “accident”. They are very happy to know themselves about their ability.  In their whole life, they had no idea they could do multiple ejaculations, especially in very short period. I made them proud!

If you are the one always ejaculate multiple times in short time, I can make you 2 ejaculations or even more. But you no need to send me question about it. You just make the booking first. When your session is starting, I will SEE you then discuss with you!

Sorry, I am not able to do that. I’m not a doctor and surgeon.

Your foreskin is not an ailment to be cured. The foreskin can cause problems with hygiene and other factors covered in my book Mantra Gym.

If you are experiencing problem with your foreskin you need to consult a physician for a diagnosis. You will also need to seek a doctor if you decide that circumcision surgery is desired or necessary.

Between, if you have bend penis and want to make it straight. Sorry, I’m not able to make it straight through massage (nobody does).

BUY MANTRA GYM NOW to learn how to care your foreskin:

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Sorry, no.
And, I don’t offer other kind of massage services like: couple massage, yoni massage and not allowed your viewer presenting during your session.

Simply to say, I have listed all my services in this website, if you not see it, it means I don’t offer it.

I am a woman, a natural born female.

I respect other people’s choice to change their sex, but I have not changed mine!

Sorry, I can’t do that.

Please kindly understand that I don’t spread my photo for my own personal security. Should you change your mind when we meet that is OK and you are under no obligation. There is no pressure at all. I don’t push for business.

I’m massaging you.

Please kindly read through the pages to get full details about my services and avoid to ask such question since I already published the details HERE. It’s very enough for