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My name is Maya Wang, provide authentic Prostate Massage with Manhood Therapy (JuaGen) for male clients and named the combination “Mantra Therapy”.
More than my creation of Mantra Therapy, I’m also the author of the book Mantra Gym.

During the practice of my best Prostate Massage combined with JuaGen (Manhood Therapy) in Singapore. I have gained experience from thousands of customers from all over the world.

What will you receive from the Prostate Massage and Manhood Therapy Package Session?

What are people saying during Mantra Therapy Session?

More Mantra Therapy Review: 

  • You are an artist… Dan, Chinese

  • It’s everything… Andreas, Brazilian

  • It’s strange but felt nice… Robert, USA

  • I felt cum millions of times… Kennedy, Singapore

  • It’s the same quality each time from you… Peter, Chinese

  • It’s enlightening… Ray, USA

  • It’s intense, more satisfying… USA
  • There are electric shots from my privates to my head and toes… German

  • I feel I’m spinning, it’s colorful, so beautiful... Pieter C***, Australian

  • It’s deep… from inside… Thomas M***, French

  • It’s unusual but it’s good... French

  • It’s inside working, all from my inside, not from the penis… S, Africa
  • It’s so stimulating. It’s sexy and relaxing together… Simon M, Canadian

  • I feel the energy is building inside… German

  • I’ve got big waves from inside… Japanese

  • The breathing, it helped me to make it, I couldn’t believe I could have it… Finn

  • I have tried more than one time with you and it really helps my sex life... Jason, Singapore

  • Truly magnificent experience…..thank you… Martin, UK

  • It’s strange but with good way... Simon, Singapore Chinese

  • I have never help up such long time in my life. I have always had the finishing just by a little touch… ST, Indonesia Chinese
  • How can you do this? How have you learned this?… Mike, Chinese

prostate massage review
  • You’re from euphoria, you do not belong in this building. You are so special.

  • It’s a different sensation, not from the penis, but from everywhere on the body.

  • I came four times, my God! I tried others, but only you could make it in my 40’s.

  • I felt the smell of giving birth… USA

  • Time by time, I have felt your touches with more confidence. Your soft and smooth hands make all my stresses away, thank you!… Ken, Singapore Chinese

  • I’m in the cloud. Kim, Korean

Over 10,000 Clients, There Are Too They Much Have To Say?

Thank you so much Maya! I feel so good and so relaxed. And I think what I learned from you and from your book is going to help in my life. If I get to come back to Singapore, I will definitely come to see you!
Hi Maya, thanks for the session just now. I feel very rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time. I will recommend you to my friends.!
A heavenly encounter: Sustained bliss and heavenly pleasure! Her skill and experience is undeniable. Very professional and disciplined in her services. Unhurried and patient in delivering what she promises!
I have finally found a masseuse, Maya, can do the real work after I had so many disappointed experience in Singapore. And you’re gorgeous and sexy. Thanks for the great time!
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To discovery a new you and immerse in another world with my unique Manhood Therapy (Juagen) with Prostate stimulation!
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Rare High Skills Professional Manhood Therapy

I learned the Manhood Therapy (Juagen) techniques from special training courses in Singapore in 1999.
My first generation instructor was a Chinese Indonesian and sadly has passed away.
I learned the skills from his disciple, a local Chinese masseur. They are all men and never serviced customers.
It is my pleasure to serve you with this rare skill.
I am a natural, born female Chinese Singaporean.

Manhood Massage is also called Lingam Massage. For ladies, it is called Yoni Massage. Under one roof, it is all called Tantra or Tantric Massage. These are Sanskrit words. There are many different types of practice around the world.

In Singapore, the local people call it JuaGen (ZhuaGen). Normally, there is no stimulation on the prostate part in JuaGen. But I provide the Prostate Massage and Manhood Massage; give the whole Reproductive and Urinary System fully professional care.

The soul of my type of Manhood Massage centres from delaying ejaculation to build sensual pleasure as much as possible… Ejaculation is not the only goal. I more focus on the journey… It is like riding the edge, riding the waves, always keeps him up there… Even more… to achieve Multiple-orgasms and Full-body-orgasm. The feelings can be overwhelming, and each experiences it differently. And with prostate stimulation at the finishing, the sensual pleasure is above the limit, over and beyond… to lead a Full Body Orgasm Experience.


It has been my experience that none of my clients has enjoyed my type of technique for delaying the ejaculation anywhere else.

I have also not found mention or reference of this skill set in either public sites or documentaries.

After having a lot of thoughts on the subject,

I believe my practise should be called Mantra Therapy,

and the unique method I use to delay ejaculation should

be called as Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC), yes they are…!

One of my clients advised me the name as Maya Therapy

Well, Book Mantra Therapy Session Now

Mantra Therapy Package

S$150per hour
  • S$225 for 1.5 hours
  • Mantra Therapy=JuaGen + Prostate
  • Swedish Body Massage
  • Option for the Add-on

Mantra Therapy Only

S$100per 0.5 hour
  • S$200 for one hour
  • Mantra Therapy=JuaGen + Prostate
  • Sensual Massage with fully focus on Mantra Therapy
  • Free Add-on for one hour session


  • Additional position for stimulating on prostate, optional to add in each session

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    • Self-controlled ejaculation by using Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) for achieving Multiple-orgasms and a protracted love making
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