Thank you for your compliment, I’m grateful for your support!

Time after time during my practice, when I get feedback from my clients by online posts or in person, the feedback offers me great upward mobility to carry on my practice until now. But, there are more men out there, they need me, they need Mantra Therapy! So I have created Mantra Gym by using Mantra Therapy techniques for men excising their manhood as a self-care regularity. It’s simple to follow the steps for the practice to gain sexual confident and skills. You will increase stamina and strength to get more control in bedding. Plus to know the locations of our G-spots exactly, and many more… Mantra Gym will amaze you again!

Maya offers a sensual yet extremely therapeutic massage. My first experience resulted in an ejaculation that was not only intense but created a high frequency vibration of my abdominal then spreading to my while body. She is an artist and highly skilled masseuse! 11 August 2015… Garry
It’s very true. I am 68 Years old and was able to feel things that I felt when I was in my 20’s. Amazing Fantastic Fabulous, I can’t think of any other word to describe the feeling. You are truly a beautiful and sexy Goddess. I thank you so very much… 7 Oct 2012… Richard Beins
Hi All, I have tried a lot of massage parlor but never get the satisfaction what i got with Maya hand.. she is so perfect in her work, gentle Swedish massage and followed by tantra and just awesome. do give a try and I’m sure you will make next appointment soon, cheers! Raj
First met you in 2010 during a business trip. After that, you are the one I must visit when I’m in Singapore. Because I always have better sex after your session. I wish I could have you around me all my time. 27 Oct. 2013… Steve
Amazing unique experience, lovely naughty professional skills… and very relax music playing. It’s a beautiful memory of my lifetime. Thank you Maya, wish all the best for you!… Chris
Thanks for the blissful session. In my life, I have never had an orgasm like this strong, tingling all over my body. It’s better than sex. You are awesome! Merry Christmas! 25 Dec. 2012… Ting Ting