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Thanks for your review JuaGen. I’m grateful for your compliment!

During my practice, when I get feedback from my clients through online posts or in person, these reviews offer me excellent upward mobility to continue my practice. But there are more men out there. They need me. They need Mantra Therapy! So I have created Mantra Gym by using Mantra Therapy techniques for men to excise their manhood as a self-care regularity. It’s simple to follow the steps for the practice to gain sexual confidence and skills. You will increase stamina and strength to get more control over the bedding. It’s doing JuaGen by yourself. How convenient it is! Plus, to know the locations of our G-spots and many more. Mantra Gym will amaze you again! 

Maya offers a sensual yet extremely therapeutic massage. My first experience resulted in an ejaculation that was not only intense but created a high frequency vibration of my abdominal then spreading to my while body. She is an artist and highly skilled masseuse! 11 August 2015… Garry
It’s very true. I am 68 Years old and was able to feel things that I felt when I was in my 20’s. Amazing Fantastic Fabulous, I can’t think of any other word to describe the feeling. You are truly a beautiful and sexy Goddess. I thank you so very much… 7 Oct 2012… Richard Beins
Hi All, I have tried a lot of massage parlor but never get the satisfaction what i got with Maya hand.. she is so perfect in her work, gentle Swedish massage and followed by tantra and just awesome. do give a try and I’m sure you will make next appointment soon, cheers! Raj
First met you in 2010 during a business trip. After that, you are the one I must visit when I’m in Singapore. Because I always have better sex after your session. I wish I could have you around me all my time. 27 Oct. 2013… Steve
Amazing unique experience, lovely naughty professional skills… and very relax music playing. It’s a beautiful memory of my lifetime. Thank you Maya, wish all the best for you!… Chris
Thanks for the blissful session. In my life, I have never had an orgasm like this strong, tingling all over my body. It’s better than sex. You are awesome! Merry Christmas! 25 Dec. 2012… Ting Ting
I went to Maya for some therapeutic reasons but was amazed how sensational the treatment can be. I can’t say enough of the electrifying feeling that went all the way up the brain. Thumbs up Maya!… Mr. Wong
Definitely worth every penny spent with Maya, she takes her time, explains things and guides you on a journey of immense pleasure.. Thank you Maya i will be coming back again for sure!… Shaun
Dear Maya, you made me holding more than half hour, that’s so wonderful and so ecstasy. It’s never happened for me, I never held more than five minutes. Thank you so much and you are in my heart!!… Mr M.
Maya’s exquisite massage takes place in a quiet room with nice soft music. There are no distractions. Her sensuous touch builds arousal like no-one else, she has kept me up there for as long as what I want… and led me to achieve 7 times orgasms! Thanks Maya, you are the best. Neal
It was out of this world and Maya you are a God sent gift for me. It was erotic but strictly professional. You helped me to break my fears and enriched my love life. I will come back to you whenever I am in Singapore. Rohan, 28 Feb. 2011
Hello Maya Just want to say thanks for a pleasant highly professional manhood therapy never experience anything so deep and exploding before. really loved it. Kisses Andrea, 20 April 2011!
After I had first treatment with Maya, my two girl-friends asked me what I’ve done on it. They both felt my ability has been boosted. Thanks Maya for your great work!… Victor
I thought I could not get erection before I walked in. That was better than sex. Your hands are really different, seriously different. I couldn’t get enough from your touching… Sam
It’s an wonderful experience for me. Really she is working heartily for satisfy us. I memories this experience whole my life. Thanks Maya!… Seetharam
The gentle back message is easily forgettable compared to the Tantric part of message which is delivered with skill and sensitivity while all along being quite methodical. Enjoyed it!… Jack
It’s so good to see you moved to your new studio and it’s very nice. The facilities are better than some hotels and it’s very cozy with privacy. Now I have no any doubt to come more often. John, 8 Aug. 2012
Yes, it’s a great move. You are too high for your old place! Mike
  • My erection is harder than before and I have the energy to hold it longer than I used to
  • My urination is so smooth after your treatment
  • You have created a monster.
  • Jack, Austria – Very friendly contact! Massage at its BEST! Thanks
  • J. – It was the greatest experience of my life! Thank you so much.
  • Jackson NG. – Good value and with value added service! I felt like in heaven during the 90mins! Thanks Maya.
  • Hin – Thanks for a wonderful experience today. Will want to come back again. 24 Sep 2015
  • I’m in a space…
  • Vin – Maya your touch was really great and holistic. Surely will recommend and will come back.
  • Victor – Your massage brings a complete satisfaction. It makes one mind so relax.
  • Dan – Hi Maya many thanks for the massage. Again you are wonderful. Very relaxing. 11 Feb 2017
  • I always have better sex after your sessions
  • You brought my libido back
  • My morning erection was back right after the next day morning of your treatment!
  • Afshin – It was wonderful and unforgettable experience, Thanks Maya… 18 August 2015
  • PM – It was a real eye opening massage. Thanks Maya with yr experience hands and advise.
  • lan J.Maya, you made me feel brand new! I can’t get enough of your magic touching, can’t wait for the next session with you.
  • Salman Ansari – Tried you in March 2011. You were amazing and also fun to talk to. Loved your massage. Will be visiting you soon on my next trip.
  • Aloe – great service!!
  • Javk – Thx Maya, u bring me to heaven ?
  • Simon – You gave me what I want and what I didn’t know- my mind was blowing.
  • Eli – Was good experence to have the massage. 14 Nov 2014


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