PROFESSIONAL Service includes:
Manhood Massage, Prostate Massage
for gentlemen, one way of receiving

The therapy session is up for the benefit of pleasure and manhood enhancement.

This is the libido that was uplifted after the session. He got his sex life back. 

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*Disclaimer: the benefit depends on a variety of individual conditions.

This was before the session his condition: 

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You will receive the following: 

First, I will warm you up on your back 

The professional level Prostate Massage is at the end of the session.
Firstly, relaxing the back of your body is an important step in easing stress.

 The option Add-on will apply here to let you feel the (first) taste from your prostate.

Then, it is Manhood Massage (JuaGen, Lingam Massage).

 You lie on your back to massage your whole Lingam with my unique JuaGen techniques,

making your enjoyment and heightened sensual pleasure.
During the first half of therapy, you may feel the pressure, but in the second half, 

I’m using Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) to delay ejaculation when you need it: 

Under my magic, you MIGHT feel you are having orgasms constantly. During each approach to climax, you achieve a portion of orgasm. It might happen a few times!

It is like riding a roller coaster, leading you to another world to escape reality, and you are under my control! 

You have never got these feelings from normal sexual activities.

It would be best if you were not worried about ejaculation happening unexpectedly.

If it does, I still have my way of managing it.

In fact, in this way, I have clients who have known they have multiple ejaculation abilities during a short period.

So, you are more than you know!

For men, enjoying Multiple-orgasms is no longer a myth

by using Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC) to control ejaculation.

Some women achieve Multiple-orgasms; some men do too.
And some men can achieve Multiple-ejaculations as well!

MDC is the secret unique skill that I have been using while developing for more than decades.

Ultimately, it’s my authentic master-level Prostate Massage for your final climax.

This means penetration to reach your prostate through the anus (with necessary protection) and

gives the most powerful satisfaction, another version of ejaculation that leads you to gain Full Body Orgasm(s) on The Third Level.

You may be curious about the Full Body Orgasm; explain it: 

Normally you feel your orgasm from the penis – this is The First Level Orgasm men often achieve when having sex or masturbating. It’s from the basic level, ***is the same level as a female having an orgasm from the clitoris***

The Full Body Orgasm is from The Third Level, ***is the same level as a female having an orgasm from the vagina***
It starts from the center deep inside your body – you feel the warmness rolling into a fireball exploring all over your body (or partials)… like electronic shots!
When your body and mind are going very well with my stimulation, you might have Multiple Full Body Orgasms. They could be wet or/and dry mixed, and they happened just a few seconds away!


I massage from outside the G-spot Perineum for those who dislike penetration.

It is also a stronger orgasm than you have had before – as it’s on The First and Second-Level together.

You will achieve the highest sensual relaxation from my unique professional skills.

There are new feelings and absolutely a new experience.

I will ensure hygienic safety with my thousands of sessions of experience.

The therapy is not available for those with any skin condition. I take this matter seriously!

If the skin is just a little normal skin condition, it’s not contiguous. But I am sorry, I’m not able to perform my therapy! Especially when I see skin condition in half of the session. There is no refund for this circumstance! 


The therapy is conducted in a private studio in a prestigious commercial building for you to have a relaxed time
which is safe, discreet, and under a high-security system.


Mantra Therapy Promotion

  • S$200 for 60mins free Add-on
  • S$250 for 75mins free Add-on
  • S$300 for 90mins free Add-on
  • Start with JuaGen on lower back and Free Add-on
  • Then, facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage

Mantra Therapy

s$100per 30mins
  • S$100 for 30mins optional for the Add-on
  • S$150 for 45mins optional for the Add-on
  • Facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage the 30mins
  • Start with JuaGen on lower back. Then, facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage for the 45mins


  • Optional, it’s butt stimulation/Prostate Massage for the facing-down position
  • The primary is facing up position. Add it for the two positions for complete care.
  • Add it to each session for initial buttocks and prostate stimulation. It gives extra sensation to the butt crack. And a slow, gentle touch for the prostate first!
  • It reduces the discomfort to increase pleasure for the final stimulation
  • No effect on the duration.

Your privacy is my top priority and very important.
All your inputs are strictly confidential and solely for booking purposes.
You will not receive any follow-up or trace of the business call, SMS, or email from me.
Read the Terms and Privacy Policy to know how your data is protected.

    Let me get the first touch on you!

    By knowing you from your little input below, I feel you are familiar with someone who I have served before and feel close to you!

    For people who carry any covid or flu symptoms, please make a booking after the recovery.

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    The add-on (required). Additionally, the buttocks' initial stimulation inside-out will apply when you face down during the Swedish/Sensual Body Massage on your back. It gives extra sensation to the butt crack and prostate for the final climax; it lets you feel the first touch of your prostate! Adding it, you will have a 2-times prostate massage from 2 positions. The primary is one position-when you face up after the Manhood Therapy (JuaGen).

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