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Mantra Therapy Promotion

  • S$200 for 60mins free Add-on
  • S$250 for 75mins free Add-on
  • S$300 for 90mins free Add-on
  • Start with JuaGen on lower back and Free Add-on
  • Then, facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage

Mantra Therapy

s$100per 30mins
  • S$100 for 30mins optional for the Add-on
  • S$150 for 45mins optional for the Add-on
  • Facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage the 30mins
  • Start with JuaGen on lower back. Then, facing-up position for JuaGen and Prostate Massage for the 45mins


  • Optional, it’s butt stimulation/Prostate Massage for the facing-down position
  • The primary is facing up position. Add it for the two positions for complete care.
  • Add it to each session for initial buttocks and prostate stimulation. It gives extra sensation to the butt crack. And a slow, gentle touch for the prostate first!
  • It reduces the discomfort to increase pleasure for the final stimulation
  • No effect on the duration.

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The Pricing:

S$100 for 30 minutes

S$150 for 45 minutes

S$200 for 60 minutes (free Addon S$30)

S$250 for 75 minutes (free Addon S$30)

S$300 for 90 minutes (free Addon S$30)

S$30 Addon (option)

For advance booking only.

Daily from 11 AM to 7.30 PM.

You may book for 7.30 PM for any duration.

Accepted payments:

  • Cash payment.
  • PayNow. PayLah!

The location is for advanced booking only. There is no walk-in.

I have kept my service fee lower than others. A single Prostate Massage could cost more than 200 USD.

You may get the Manhood Massage together at my low price. So, you’d better fill out the Booking Form below for my top-quality services to catch the best price.

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    For people who carry any covid or flu symptoms, please make a booking after the recovery.

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    The add-on (required). Additionally, the buttocks' initial stimulation inside-out will apply when you face down during the Swedish/Sensual Body Massage on your back. It gives extra sensation to the butt crack and prostate for the final climax; it lets you feel the first touch of your prostate! Adding it, you will have a 2-times prostate massage from 2 positions. The primary is one position-when you face up after the Manhood Therapy (JuaGen).

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