JuaGen Benefit (Manhood Massage Benefit)

JuaGen Benefit

Before the JuaGen, Manhood Massage benefits, let me explain. 

What is JuaGen?

JuaGen means massage manhood (directly). JuaGen (抓根) is a Mandarin localism word in Singapore. It is also called Manhood Massage, Manhood Therapy, JuaGen Therapy, or Lingam Massage (a Sanskrit word).

Since the JuaGen technique is an essential treatment to focus on a male’s private part, in the meantime, it’s also beneficial to the surroundings and the urination system.

Manhood Massage review (before-after the session): 

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Manhood Massage WhatsApp review after the session: 

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Manhood Massage Benefit:

  • Manhood Massage eases blood blockages to enrich blood circulation to create sexual energy.
  • Supercharge the libido. To make a firm erection, center the blood to the center region by the therapy and for lasting longer in bed.
  • JuaGen Therapy balances Male hormones, Testosterone for sperm production.
  • The enhanced blood circulation powers up cells and muscles regrowing and regeneration to slow down the aging process for sexual organs.
  • Juagen is the best detoxing therapy for the body’s exit systems and the best for metabolism.
  • JuaGen Therapy helps prevent common male sexual issues like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, etc.
  • Super boost blood vessels, sexual performance, recharged orgasmic subsequently to refresh the body and mind.
  • Manhood Massage is a holistic natural way to preserve a male’s sexual well-being.
  • JuaGen empowers the Qi flowing for balancing and cultivating the whole body.
  • JuaGen Massage also eliminates toxins from the body and boosts the immune system.
  • Reduce stomach bloating to flatten the tummy.
  • Manhood Therapy raises urine function. It improves the blood flow to the muscles to force urine out. Lift the ability to urinate freely to reduce urine difficulty.
  • Lowered depression.

Around the world, especially in Asia, different Lingam Massage and styles service this part of a male’s body for health care purposes. Most men seek pure Manhood Therapy when they have signs that alert them that aging is down there. 

Developed JuaGen with Prostate Massage to Mantra Therapy

I’m a top-notched body therapist in Singapore and have developed the simple JuaGen Technique from my learning in 1999. I combined Manhood Massage (JuaGen) with Prostate Stimulation and named it Mantra Therapy. Mantra Therapy brought inside-out professional treatment. It’s mainly for the male’s Reproductive and Urinates systems. My so many clients got JuaGen benefit time by time.

I was praised as The Artist by my client in 2006. Mantra Therapy has been the trademark since 2015. At the same time, I have been selected and recognized as a Top Professional in Sensuality Therapy by most leading authorities of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. 

Coaching Male JuaGen Technique by Mantra Gym to Achieve Massage Manhood Benefit

I have practiced Mantra Therapy – Lingam Massage and Prostate Massage for nearly two decades in Singapore. Essential from my all-over-the-world clients’ experience, I published my book Mantra Gym in 2015. By implanting Mantra Therapy techniques into exercise, men can do self-care for manhood regularly. It is like men doing a gym workout to get the JuaGen Benefits.

In Mantra Gym, I share my unique, rare, unseen, and enlightening sexual knowledge that inspires everyone! Just an iceberg to peek at: our orgasm is up to three levels; our normal orgasm is just a fundamental first level for males. Is this sounding for males who have missed out too much on sexual pleasure since then?! I bet you would say “Yes”! 

Mantra Therapy and Mantra Gym are all for you to know our-self COMPLETELY! We are capable more. I am here to show you more!

But, if you are not in Singapore, you need to jump to www.mantraGym.com now to download the ebook Mantra Gym! By following the step-by-step guide to exercise. You still can have the Manhood Massage benefits.

If you are in Singapore, you can have both. By having my magic healing hands on you in the Mantra Therapy session, you are an ever-refresh-new-man to get the JuaGen Benefits. So, let me, the top-notch level therapist help you. Click HERE to book a session. Now!