How I Made Mantra Gym

I’m so glad…  after more than nine months of hard work, my book has finally been published. I put my passion, my love, and my knowledge into the book.

In December 2013, from the moment that I decided to create Mantra Gym, it has never been off my mind for a single moment. There is a need inside me to pass my message on. I have been through some major changes in my life, but nothing compares to becoming an author or writing a book like this.  It has been the biggest challenge in my life.

Over four years ago, I started plans to publish my skills. At that time the thought was not Mantra Gym, it was Mantra Therapy. All that time, I believed my skill would be useful to people. I wanted to teach people how to give a proper manhood massage.  I constructed a script and a video to demonstrate how to perform Mantra Therapy. However, when I reviewed the footage, I changed my mind and didn’t want to publish it. All because of my hands. I just felt like that pair of hands in the video were not mine. I felt my hands were not nice to look at. I wished they were slim with long beautiful fingers, even though I had been told millions of times how wonderful and amazing my hands are, I still could not continue.

Now that I look back on those scripts and footage, I must thank my hands. If I gave a review of those outcomes, I would have thought they were made by a high school student. The results now are much more mature, especially during the last nine months while creating Mantra Gym, I have gained a greater working knowledge of the Third Level Orgasm (Ejaculation). I have put a lot of thought and time during my practice into focusing on this part, concentrating on how to show readers about it… well, it turns out now that I have become proficient at controlling (delaying) ejaculation (most of the time) in order to achieve Multiple-ejaculations (Dry-ejaculation).

I remember that I only made a double Wet-ejaculation (happened again in 4-5 seconds after the first) one time, it was a long time ago (maybe five years back) and it just happened. I can’t say that it happened on purpose. After that, no matter how I tried to make it happen again, it wouldn’t work. Now it happens often…I am able to delay the ejaculation to achieve Multiple-ejaculations since I have discovered the locations of the male G-spots in the Y-zone.

This is different from delaying ejaculation to achieve Multiple-orgasms (Dry-orgasm) which I have been able to do since 1999.

So let’s thank my hands together. Let’s discover our amazing body’s sensual abilities together. I do believe once you read and practice Mantra Gym, you will discover a new you. When you enhance your sensual activities, you will be able to achieve even more than I would be able to help you with. Some part (both mentally and physically) will always belong to you.

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