Welcome to my page, my name is Maya Wang

I am a professional body therapist


published author of book Mantra Gym


During my practice of Swedish Body Massage and Manhood Therapy,

I have gained experience with thousands of clients from all over the world.

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swedish body massage

I work well on the neck, shoulders, back, lower back, butts, thighs, etc… using just the right pressure that suits each part of your body. This is followed by Mantra Therapy.

mantra therapy

You MIGHT feel you are having orgasms constantly (but no ejaculation). For men, enjoying Multiple-orgasms is no longer a myth (by using Mantra Delaying Cords to control ejaculation). Some women achieve Multiple-orgasms, some men do too.


The technique also includes prostate stimulation at the Finish for your ejaculation. This means penetration to your prostate through the anus (with necessary protection) and gives the most powerful satisfaction, another version of Ejaculation.

With my world-of-month client base, I have always been encouraged by their amazing feed back…

I have heard them say many times……


I don’t know what are you doing, but it feels so good.


I felt cum millions of times.


All women should learn this, especially the wife.


This is the best massage I’ve ever had before…


Thank you so much Maya! I feel so good and so relaxed. And I think what I learned from you and from your book is going to help in my life. If I get to come back to Singapore, I will definitely come to see you.


Hi Maya, thanks for the session just now. I feel very rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time. I will recommend you to my friends.


I thought I could not get erection before I walked in. That was better than sex. Your hands are really different, seriously different. I couln’t get enogh from your touching…


Other comments have been…

  • You are an artist… Dan, Chinese
  • It’s everything… Andreas, Brazilian
  • It’s strange but felt nice… Robert, USA
  • It’s the same quality each time from you… Peter, Chinese
  • It’s enlightening… Ray, USA
  • It’s intense, more satisfying… USA
  • There are electric shots from my privates to my head and toes… German
  • I feel I’m spinning, it’s colorful, so beautiful… Pieter C***, Australian
  • It’s deep… from inside… Thomas M***, French
  • It’s unusual but it’s good… French
  • It’s inside working, all from inside, not from the penis… S, Africa
  • It’s so stimulating. It’s sexy and relaxing together… Simon, M***, Canadian
  • I feel the energy is building inside… German
  • I’ve got big waves from inside… Japanese
  • The breathing, it helped me to make it, I couldn’t believe I could have it… Finn
  • I have tried more than one time with you and it really help my sex life… Jason, Singapore
  • Truly magnificent experience…..thank you… Martin, UK
  • It’s strange but with good way… Simon, Singapore Chinese
  • Thanks once again for this afternoon’s therapy. Felt much relaxed after the explosive release. You helped me go all the way.
  • I have never help up such long time in my life. I have always had the finishing just by a little touch... ST, Indonesia Chinese
  • How can you do this? How have you learned this?… Mike, Chinese


Massage Singapore, Prostate Massage, Mantra Therapy, Lingam Massage, How to stop Premature Ejaculation?_How to enlarge penis?_ How to solve Erectile-dysfunction?


With my over 10,000 sessions experience, let’s see what some have to SAY?

You’re from euphoria, you do not belong in this building. You are so special.
Tony N***, Australian
It’s different sensation, not from the penis, but from everywhere on the body.
Ole, Norwegian
It’s a beautiful torture.
Matt, USA
I came four times, my God! I tried others, but only you could make it in my 40’s.
I’m in a space…
Mike, Chinese
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Rare Skills

I learned the Manhood Therapy techniques from special training courses in Singapore in 1999.

My first generation instructor was a Chinese Indonesian and sadly has passed away. I also learned from his disciple.

They are all men and never serviced customers. It is my pleasure to serve you with this rare skill.

I am a natural born female Chinese Singaporean.

Manhood Massage is also called Lingam Massage. For lady, it is called Yoni Massage. Under one roof, it is all called Tantra or Tantric Massage. These are Sanskrit words. In Singapore, the local people call it Juagen (zhuaGen). There are many different types of practice around the world.

The soul, of my type of Manhood Therapy, centers from delaying ejaculation to build sensual pleasure as much as possible. Ejaculation is not the only goal. It is like riding the edge, riding the waves, always keeps it up there… Even more… to achieve Multiple-orgasm. The feelings can be overwhelming and each individual experiences it differently. And with prostate stimulation, the sensual pleasure is above the limit, over and beyond…

It has been my experience to date,

that none of my clients have enjoyed my type of techniques for delaying the ejaculation anywhere else.

I have also not found mention or reference of this skill set in either public sites or documentaries.

After having a lot of thoughts on the subject,

I believe my type of practice should be called MANTRA, yes it is…!

Mantra Therapy is an ancient, comprehensive manhood massage and prostate stimulation, use a variety of massage techniques to improve the blood circulation for male Reproductive System and Urinary System… building inner energy and prolonging the sensual sensation with Mantra Delaying Cords for multiple enjoyments, while developing a spiritual union between the body and mind to achieve a new horizon.
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How to find her (him) G-spot?_How to make her (him) Multiple- orgasms?_How to stop Premature Ejaculation?_How to enlarge penis?_How to solve Erectile-dysfunction?_How to delay ejaculation?

How to find her (him) G-spot?_How to make her (him) Multiple- orgasms?_How to stop Premature Ejaculation?_How to enlarge penis?_How to solve Erectile-dysfunction?_How to delay ejaculation?

How to find her (him) G-spot?_How to make her (him) Multiple- orgasms?_How to stop Premature Ejaculation?_How to enlarge penis?_How to solve Erectile-dysfunction?_How to delay ejaculation?

Let’s pass my sensual message around the world!


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The Contents below are from www.mantraGym.com


Have you noticed that

when men go to gym for a regular body workout,

there is always a very important part missing– What is it?

For men, exercising their manhood should be a priority over other body parts!

Mantra Gym is a step by step guide book for men exercising their manhood by DIY method!

Based on Maya Wang’s 10,000+ Body Therapy Sessions Experience!

With thousands of Male Clients and counting…

Maya Wang poses a unique viewpoint to expose our sensual secrets!

It’s the most trusted, rear and helpful,

sensual knowledge handful technique book for your

sensual health, sensual maintenance, sensual pleasure, sensual adventure and exceptional enjoyment!

This is the summary of Sperm Analysis reports from a sperm donor who has had Mantra Therapy from Me approximately twice a month since October 2012. His Sperm Analysis reports demonstrate what miracles occurred for this 51 year old gentleman! The book provides many other insights to guide everyone to a new sensual direction and gain many other benefits... Practice Mantra Gym RIGHT NOW for an ecstatic, sensual journey by yourself or with your partner... Get the book to get started NOW!

Test Name September 2012 November 2013 7 July 2014
Volume 4.1cc (cubic centimeters) 5.1cc (cubic centimeters) 5.3cc (cubic centimeters)
Sperm Morphology 6% 13% 16.3%
Viscosity +1.9, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes +1, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes +1, with liquefaction complete within 10 – 30 minutes
pH Level 7.7 7.4 7.3
Sperm Count 20.1 million total sperm per cc. (20.1 x 10^6) 41 million total sperm per cc. (41 x 10^6) 45.2 million total sperm per cc. (45.2 x 10^6)
Motility 78% 85% 87%
Progression +2.8 +3.4 +3.7
White Blood Cells 4.9 5.0 5.0

ALL About Maya’s New Discovery…

Do men have a G-spot? YES, in fact, they have more than one…This book exposes sensual secrets that you will discover first hand, tested sensual knowledge to boost your sensual health, life and adventure!

In the book, you will discover…

  • Where all G-spots are located in both Male and Female
  • Male and female Orgasms are from three sources
  • Self-controlled ejaculation for achieving Multiple-orgasms and a protracted love making
  • Multiple-ejaculations (Dry-ejaculation) by stimulating the Prostate
  • Step-by-step guide for man to excise manhood
  • And many other hot sensual topics…

The benefits of Practicing Mantra Gym are…

  • Used as a regular body massage and gym work out, Mantra Gym is good for your body’s blood circulation, detoxing, destress and relaxation
  • Improved sensual skills, knowledge to gain sensual confidence
  • Decreased aging and rejuvenation
  • Increased sperm count and quality, increased pregnancy rate
  • Unrestricted urination
  • Help for Erection Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation
  • Natural way for Penis Enlargement
  • Expanded, richer, greater multiple Orgasmic and Ejaculation achievements
  • Improved sensual sensation, self-control ability, erection, stamina and prolonged intercourse
  • Masturbation with sensual care and meditation
  • Fuel for your sensual abilities and sensual energy to power forward your sensual adventures and challenge your limits


The more you practice Mantra Gym, the more you are able to control your ejaculation. During your next sensual performance by having the ability to achieve your final ejaculation when you want to, not just whenever it happens!!!